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In addition to my work as a business coach, one of my interests is blogging about life in Israel. This is a country full of contrasts – over eight million citizens living in an area the size of Wales. You can see snow and the lowest place on the globe in the same day. Although surrounded by geopolitical extremes, Israel has achieved a decade of high economic growth. My work brings me in contact with an array of new companies, exciting technologies and dynamic characters. Sitting back with a relaxing cup of strong tea (with milk), you realise just how much there is to appreciate in the Holyland. Large or small operations, private sector or non profit, my clients provide experiences from which others can learn and benefit.

Over the years, people have questioned when and how the Israeli start-up or scale-up sector would run out of steam. The fact is that not only are there no imminent signs of danger. If anything, the very opposite is true.

And we know that whilst the economy dived around 3.5% last year overall, it was a boom time for hightech exports and recruitment.

Earlier today, I saw an amazing infographic illustrating the breadth of the Israeli insurtech sector. Two years ago, few had even heard of this concept.

A few hours later, I was reading how Israeli start ups have now encroached on the space industry. I suppose that there is a sense of cute romanticism that the Holy Land should be part of the reach for the stars.

While military corps may have led the way, there are at least 62 Israeli companies in the field. We are talking about software, space drones, oxygen production and much more.

Hightech, cleantech, cyber, Fintech, agritech: So, what’s next after outer space?


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