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My experience has taken me across continents, highs and lows, and through a myriad of commercial operations. This background enables me to offer a fresh and open approach to each of my clients. My pervue covers the retail sector, high-tech, service providers, NGOs and much more.

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In the News

"Davidson attributes much of her success to JBNF’s business adviser Michael Horesh. He helped Davidson prepare and gain confidence for the summit."

Times of Israel article about H2 Energy Now's president Sonya Davidson


“Michael is my coach – just like the coach of the US Ice Hockey team, who tells us how we are going to beat the Russians………every time.”
CEO, who provides computing services to small and medium sized enterprises

“I do feel that your mentoring is like marriage therapy, root canal treatment and valuable advice in one”
Food manufacturer

“Michael always finds a way to jolt me forward. I thank him for believing in me over a difficult few years.”
Therapist and Life Coach

“I was pleased not only with the results, but the fact that it was the first time I successfully negotiated a contract.”
CEO of Start-up

"Michael has both had great insights into what we need to overcome to succeed, and points you in the right direction. When we experience something new he is willing to think on the spot and come up with some innovative solutions. He has helped my high tech company take off."
CEO of Clean Energy Start-up

Michael transformed the way I think and approach working and how to monetize my social media and communal projects. He made me appreciate that there are many different ways and strategies you can employ to make revenue. He was also very patient and helpful and had a highly professional approach to mentoring. I would highly recommend using his services."
CEO of digital media company

"An invaluable experience working with Michael, who has helped us build the business from the beginning."
Cleaning Service Owner

"I use Michael to help me clarify my important strategy decisions on how to move forward."
Export Company Owner

"Michael has been an invaluable resource to me throughout all of the steps of starting up my business. From the beginning, he has helped me make difficult decisions, define a vision of what my business should be, navigate through Israeli bureaucracy, obtain business loans, get all of the benefits that I have been eligible for as a new immigrant, and everything in between."
Art Studio Owner

"Michael helped create the original corporate structure of my company. He then put together the original business plan as well as presentations to investors. He would ensure that practical counter opinions were available and listened to. His work is of the highest standard, always delivered on time."
CEO of Bio start up

“Michael helped me clear out irrelevant issues, enabling me finally to set my business on a successful growth path.”
Jerusalem Project Manager and Construction Supervisor

“Michael took me step by step, from the ground up. He thoughtfully explained to my how to put the theories he was giving me into action. My business started growing! I still apply those same theories he taught me and it keeps on working! My advice to anyone with a need for help with growing a business is to call Michael and start working with him IMMEDIATELY!”
Computer and network provider

“Michael helped me through vastly improved time-management to discipline myself. My business doubled in size and today it is thriving.”
Distributor of medical products

“It has been an invaluable experience meeting with Michael. Great mentoring which has built up my business from the beginning. Revenues continue to grow significantly.”
Delivery service in Jerusalem

“Michael helped me clear out irrelevant issues, enabling me finally to set my business on a successful growth path.”
Jerusalem Project Manager and Construction Supervisor

"I am truly grateful for what you have done for me. I could not have done this without you."
Start-up distributor, who doubled his sales, created a marketing team and attracted an investor

“Michael helped me through vastly improved time-management to discipline myself. My business doubled in size and today it is thriving.”
Distributor of medical products

"Michael has been with me since before I even had a company. He can be relied upon and he knows how to get things done. He is a big part of what keeps my company moving forward. He has my recommendation."
CEO of biotech startup


“Thinking, fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman is a brilliant expose of how we think. It forces us to justify how you come up with even the most basic of decisions.
“To sell is human” by Daniel Pink is packed full of practical examples of why we fail to convince others to buy our products and services. As you read, you keep wanting to refer back to your own organisation for comparison. You come away with fresh concepts.
“Success under stress” by Sharon Melnick is an incredibly useful addition to your book shelf. So many people make decisions, because they feel forced or bullied into them. These pages reveal the ‘get out’ clauses of that mode of operation.

“Brand Psychology” by Jonathan Gabay has received my attention in several blogs. A branding expert, the author reveals to his readers how even in an era of too-much-content, your message can reach its intended audience.

For those looking to be motivated, try to find a copy of “The will to live” by Roy and Caroline Hayim - an incredible and unique journey. If you are just simply fed up with your work, looking for a way out, I offer the article penned by Dr Robert Brooks: “Gratitude in the face of adversity”

Finally, when my clients turn round to me and say, “I can’t / I don’t know”, I ask them to press this link here. They rarely use the phrase again.

This is not an exhaustive list, and I would welcome your suggestions and recommendations – be they books, Youtube clips or articles.

Meet Michael

Michael Horesh business coach
Michael Horesh at a job fair. Photo by SM Altshul

I grew up in London, England, where I graduated with an Honours’ Degree in Economics and Government. I have lived in Israel since 1982, although my work takes me across geographical borders. My wife is a CFO and our three wonderful children continue to offer weekly trials in patience and understanding, despite having finished off their school years.

I have worked in both the public and private sectors, as well as having acted as the COO of a national children’s charity. I have held managerial positions in an industrial enterprise, a multinational manufacturing concern and a software company. In 2006, I fulfilled my dream when I established a private coaching and mentoring consultancy to help small and medium-sized enterprises and others to grow their businesses.

My clientele comes from a diverse commercial base. A typical day can see me speaking with CEOs in both Hebrew and English. I meet with those at concept stage or just starting out, as well as full-fledged commercial concerns. My pervue covers the retail sector, high-tech, service providers, NGOs and much more. And the discussions range from budget creation and cash flow supervision, through to market definition and ‘securing the deal’, and on to human resources, time management and other personnel issues.

Each client is accorded the same direct attention. My clientele includes people from the three major religions. I accept new immigrants, as well as people who were born and educated in the Holy Land. Male / female, academic background / early school leaver – the key is to understand the true vision of the client, searching for practical solutions and an innovative approach. This will result in a defining positive impact on the business.

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is part of creating a successful business. I seek to workout four times a week. This is balanced by a mandatory cup of English tea (with milk) at the start of every day. And I admit that my week is often rounded off with a wee dram of Scottish single malt whisky. In between, I love outdoor hobbies and watching great theatre.

Mentoring – How You Can Benefit

“Business mentoring is a partnership based on trust. It offers on-going support and developmental opportunities. It addresses issues and blockages identified by the client, who receives pragmatic and objective assistance.” (Sweeny and Clutterbuck)

The reason I love mentoring can be outlined in a true anecdote, and which I see played out several times a year.

My client, David, approached me in despair. Their own leading customer was going elsewhere. “What should I do,” exclaimed a distresses David.


“What? Don’t you understand that I have commitments based on this supposed future revenue?”

“Yes, but from my perspective, your super client is not so lucrative for you. You now have a clear opportunity and incentive to create a new business model, unrestrained by the past.”

A few weeks later, a smiling David called me up. “Do you know how much time I now have for other clients?” (What I surprise, I thought to myself).


While my main services are delivered individually, I am able to bring in colleagues and partners from several different organisations. These include: –

The Institute for Independent Business – with thousands of fellow executive associates in over 25 countries, this provides a valuable international resource of contacts

MATI – probably Jerusalem’s most experienced agency for creating and developing new businesses. As one of their mentors, I invest much time, devoted to helping minority sectors such as new immigrants.

MAOF – I am one of their external consultants in the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem areas. Since its establishment, the teams have helped businesses create countless millions in new wealth and additional employment.

Israel British Chamber of Commerce – As a board member for nearly a decade, the Chamber has been a factor that has seen bilateral trade growth by 10s of percentage points, despite the global downturn.

JBNF – A co-founder and moderator of the monthly meetings, the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum has around 2,000 registered members. It has been the driving force for countless new partnerships for the capital of Israel.

MCT – An external consultant, Multi Channel Technologies spearheads the development and penetration of new software into the UK and European markets.