“Working with Michael Horesh is like having root canal treatment, marriage counselling and business coaching all rolled into one, successfully.”

It’s time to transform your business.

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Michael Horesh – Executive Business Mentor and Strategist

What is still holding back your business? Do you really know what kind of help you need? I have delivered practical support to hundreds of enterprises, wishing to innovate, secure growth and improve their bottom line. The impact in terms of new businesses registered, millions raised, companies expanding abroad and more cannot be exaggerated. And in the era of Covid-19, my clients have achieved even higher sales.

My clients are C-Class executives, who want me to listen to them. We then clarify their vision, identifying core areas for improvement. I look to brand them and their organisations in areas of excellence, developing innovative policies. De facto, I become their architect for strategic change.

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You will benefit from business coaching that generates measurable, tangible results that are directly registered on your profit sheet.

How I Help You

My role is to add value to your enterprise, as effectively and as rapidly as possible. This means that I formulate bespoke, customised solutions that drive change over 4 categories.
  • Vision
  • Corporate Drive
  • Direction
    Team development
    Vitality of a business model
    Overseas strategy
  • Sales
  • Market Definition
  • Group identification
    Strategy creation / execution
    Deal closure
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Clarity
  • Why you need a budget
    Cash flow management
    Securing new capital
    Tactical pricing
  • Team
  • Individual Growth
  • Cognitive changes
    HR issues
    Pain of time management
    Delivering through the jungle
Client Feedback

"Michael transformed the way I think and approach working, and also how to monetize my social media and communal projects."

CEO of digital media company

"Michael helped my high tech company take off."

CEO of clean energy start up

"Michael has been an invaluable resource to me throughout all of the steps of starting up my business."

Art Studio owner

CEO of digital media company
CEO of clean energy start up
Art Studio owner