Add value to your business. Secure long-term growth. Increase profitability.

“Michael asks you the questions about your business that you do not want to ask yourself”

"I start with your key strengths, leading to the creation of a polished vision and business model." -- Michael Horesh
“Michael's innovative solutions helped my high tech company take off”
“Michael helped us build up the business from the beginning"


Michael starts by examining and evaluating your key strengths. and then creates a polished vision and business model geared for success. As a certified business mentor and consultant, he works with small service providers that struggle with the challenge of swimming with the ‘big guys’, as well as with large corporations who are learning to create new directions.


Michael improves your commercial standing, offering practical solutions that add value to your business and ensuring sustained long-term growth. Michael turns around failing retail enterprises, creates value propositions for start-ups, sets up production lines, secures loans, etc - which all adds up to more money in your bank account.


Michael drills down into each area of activity, exploring financial set ups, supply chains, customer relations, deliverables, time management and much more. You are shown how to handle change and innovation. You will reach a significantly better understanding of your business, a perspective which standard reporting techniques do not reveal.

Michael Horesh In the News

"Davidson attributes much of her success to JBNF’s business adviser Michael Horesh. He helped Davidson prepare and gain confidence for the summit."
Times of Israel Article About H2 Energy Now’s President Sonya Davidson

Michael introducing future Mayor Nir Barkat at JBNF

The Four Quadrants

The issues of business mentoring and consulting can be allocated to one of “Four Quadrants”. And each one of these titles includes a myriad of themes. As per the dynamics of a growing business, they frequently overlap, demanding to be treated in parallel with each other.

  • Strategic Development
  • Market
  • Market definition
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • How to close deals
  • Website and online presence
  • Collateral material
  • Follow the money
  • Budget
  • Pricing
  • Cash flow management
  • Loan applications
  • Reporting procedures
  • Profit and loss centres
  • Proposals for investors
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Service
  • Product / service definition
  • Personal / HR issues
  • Import-export procedures
  • Suppliers
  • Target management
  • Procedures
  • Corporate development
  • Vision
  • Contracts
  • Team structure
  • Share structure
  • Time Management
  • General administration
  • Cultural differences
Discover how Michael can help you achieve your professional and personal goals

Join Me for Tea


What are you looking for? What is still holding you back? Is it not time that you reached out for some practical support to help you to innovate and to implement your passion? Time to have a chat with me over a cup of tea.

Call me at 972 (0)523 448453 or Email me to set up an initial meeting and to assess how we can be productive together. For me, successful business coaching generates measurable, tangible results that impact directly on your organisation's profitability.


"Professional approach"

"Michael transformed the way I think and approach working, and also how to monetize my social media and communal projects. He made me appreciate that there are many different ways and strategies you can employ to make revenue. He was also very patient and helpful and had a highly professional approach to mentoring. I would highly recommend using his services."

CEO of digital media company

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"Great insights"

"Michael has both had great insights into what we need to overcome to succeed, and points you in the right direction.

When we experience something new, he is willing to think on the spot and come up with some innovative solutions. He has helped my high tech company take off."

CEO of clean energy start up

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"Invaluable resource"

"Michael has been an invaluable resource to me throughout all of the steps of starting up my business. From the beginning, he has helped me make difficult decisions, define a vision of what my business should be, navigate through Israeli bureaucracy, obtain business loans, get all of the benefits that I have been eligible for as a new immigrant, and everything in between."

Art Studio owner

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