The customer is always right. Rule numero uno that we are all taught as kids. So ,why, when we are grown ups and trying to make a quick buck, do we immediately and conveniently forget this convention?

Have a look at these case studies: I have just finished some travelling. Loads of Airbnb’s and other places.

Location number one: Centre of the city. Small but compact. Adequate. Fair enough. However:

  • I had to haul my suitcases an extra 10 minutes to get the key.
  • The internet was so bad that I had to go to a café. Responses to the complaint were slow.
  • The towels were as thin as the toilet paper.

Well, I they got their money, but no recommendation.

Location number two, described as “luxurious”.

  • The internet did not work at first, because….. the receiver was hidden, unplugged, in a cupboard.
  • 3 bedrooms, each with a cupboard, and none with hanging space for clothes
  • Large, but with only 2 chairs, one of which broke. Yeah, the beds were large and comfortable.

And yes, at a third place, the owner, Mr Brendan Blott, personally met us and graciously showed us around. It was a pleasure to stay there. Most important, there was some fresh milk available for a cup of coffee.

The previous week, I had been in Hong Kong. Ask anyone for help there and they answer you……. with a smile. It is a 5-lettered word that costs us nothing. For all the troubles of the teritory, I want to go back there. Similarly, I will hopefully have another opportunity to avail myself of the services of Mr. Blott.

So, the question is why do so many of us brush off customers? They are not always right, but they deserve our respect and help. Time for you to rethink?



  1. Brendan Blott

    Many thanks for the well chosen words. I have always followed a very simple philosophy in life….treat others as you would wish to be treated.
    All the best to you and your family in the new decade.

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