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tea Call me at 972 (0)523 448453 or Email me to set up an initial meeting and to assess how we can be productive together. For me, successful business coaching generates measurable, tangible results that impact directly on your organisation's profitability.

Benefits of Business Coaching


"Running a business is like being an air-traffic controller. You need to understand your priorities. You need to evaluate your inputs and outputs. You need to assess the risks completely. And you need to do all this every hour of every day, or you will lose your assets."
CFO of multinational Israeli biotech company

Business people often strive for commercial success but become mired in the details and frustrated by the lack of progress. It is like an airplane, circling but not landing, as it runs out of fuel. Eventually managers and owners realise that their actions (or inactions) are holding them back and clouding their vision. Enter the business mentor or coach.

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Why Michael Horesh


Michael Horesh has a proven track record as a business coach and consultant in Israel. Working across a range of industries and commercial sectors over the past 30 years, Michael has developed an astute understanding of how companies function. He works with his clients to help them to realise their goals, and the impact of his suggestions is felt directly on the bottom line of their profit and loss account.

Michael has guided start-up businesses from the concept stage to sales. He ensures that established companies can increase output by redeploying resources. He helps corporations to realign their cash-flow in order to put cash back into their business and in to the bank accounts of their owners. As a business consultant, Michael Horesh makes a positive difference to your company, ensuring that it has a future to be proud of.

Experienced company directors have engaged Michael to discuss their challenges, to guide them towards their visions, and to help them to realise their goals.

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